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19 November 2007 @ 03:41 pm
1. Broadway Baby - Best Overall Icon

by yourbitterhero//wake_up_naked

2. Life Upon the Wicked Stage - Stage Icons

by vifetoile

3. Let Me Entertain You - Film Icons

Sweeney Todd
by icicaille//aeschylean

4. Being Alive - Animated Icons

Kristin Chenoweth
by xthinktwice//bohoicons

5. All That Jazz - Best Cropping

by rabbitwar//iconrabbit

6. Rose Tint My World - Best Coloring

Phantom of the Opera
by summer_rose//kenobi_rose

7. I Should Tell You - Best Use of B'way Quotes/Lyrics

Les Miserables
by ohdiamond

by ohdiamond

8. Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Emotional Icons

Spring Awakening
by apostrophet

9. Dancing Through Life - Funny Icons

by stagelovebeauty//somewhat_wicked

10. All I Ask of You - Couple/Shippy Icons

Phantom of the Opera
by summer_rose//kenobi_rose

Sweeney Todd
by icicaille//aeschylean

11. Take Me or Leave Me - Textless Icons (tiny text not allowed)

Young Frankenstein
by kottoncandie//unlimitedtime

12. Masquerade - B'way Actors/Actresses Out of Character

Megan Mullally
by jennomac//dominant_icons

13. Special Category

by charmingnotion//onetouchofmink
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