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Welcome to bway_awards. This is an icon awards community just like any other, the only difference is that we award icons featuring Broadway musicals! An icon awards community is a place where you can nominate your icons and/or icons by others that you love, and each round we will hold a poll and reward the winners!

- You may nominate icons in the categories listed below. All icons must be musical/Broadway related. Broadway musicals, non-Broadway musicals, and movie musicals are all accepted.
- Please make your nominations in a post to the community. I will not accept nominations in comments.
- When nominating, please put the image, the name of the musical/person in the icon, and the user name of the icon maker.
- DO NOT hotlink your images unless the icon maker has given you permission. Photobucket is a good free image hosting service.
- You may only nominate up to SIX icons by any one icon maker (including yourself).
- For every time you nominate yourself, you must nominate another icon maker in another category. So if you nominate yourself six times, you must have at least twelve nominations, six of which are icons made by others.
- You may nominate only one icon in the Best Overall Icon category. You may nominate up to three icons in each of the other categories.
- If you nominate someone else's icon, it's a nice courtesy to let them know about it through a comment. It just doesn't work if they win and don't know about it.
- Please try and nominate as many as you can. I know that sometimes good icons can be scarce in certain categories, but please try.
- You may always edit your posts and change or add nominations. If there is a problem with one of your nominations, I will try and let you know before voting time so you may change it.
- When you vote, please vote for the best icons (and keep the category in mind), not your favorite shows. I don't want this to turn into the Phantom, Wicked, and Rent Awards community.
- Icons that have already won in a category are no longer eligible to be nominated in the same category. Please check the Past Winners Gallery to make sure.
- If you don't know where to look for icons, you can check out the links on the resources post.

1. Broadway Baby - Best Overall Icon
2. Life Upon the Wicked Stage - Stage Icons
3. Let Me Entertain You - Film Icons
4. Being Alive - Animated Icons
5. All That Jazz - Best Cropping
6. Rose Tint My World - Best Coloring
7. I Should Tell You - Best Use of B'way Quotes/Lyrics
8. Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Emotional Icons
9. Dancing Through Life - Funny Icons
10. All I Ask of You - Couple/Shippy Icons
11. Take Me or Leave Me - Textless Icons (tiny text not allowed)
12. Masquerade - B'way Actors/Actresses Out of Character
13. Special Category - To be announced weekly

Here is a template for nominating, if you'd like to use it. Just copy and paste it, and add in your nominations.

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